Scottish Bespoke Bagpipe Banners

Bespoke scottish pipe banners made to order

Over the years we have designed and produced a wide range of double sided hand embroidered bagpipe banners for clients around the world. Hand embroidered in gilt wires and silks on a fine blazer cloth and supplied to the Scottish regiments, Canadian Regiments USMC, USAF banners, Fire & Rescue, Police, civilian pipe bands, clan chiefs banners, private clients and British army

Our in house team will help create a a bespoke banner that will be carried on your pipes for years to come.

Bespoke designed and embroidered bagpipe banners - Email us with your requirements, we would love to creste a stunning new bespoke designed pipe banner for you.

Scottish Pipe Major’s Bagpipe Banners - Designed & MadeTo Order

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