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A Sporran is a pouch (Scottish Gaelic for 'purse'). Now a decorative part of Highland dress, it was originally an everyday  practical item. Made of leather or fur, it usually has more or less elaborate silver or other ornamentation, especially on the clasp or hanger. It is worn on a chain or belt around the waist, allowing the sporran to lie below the waist of the person wearing a kilt.

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Over the years we have worked with Scotland's top sporran makers to offer a range of fine Scottish sporrans hand made in Scotland from simple Jacobite styles in soft leathers to fine hallmarked sterling silver sporrans mounted with fine furs and silver sporran chains crafted by the Royal Silversmith Hamilton & Inches. 

We also source a range of vintage and original antique sporrans from private estates around the Highlands for that classic vintage style. Made in Scotland by local crafts people. All the skins used for making our sporrans are ethically sourced, and are vintage remodelled skins and masks, road kill, or have died a natural death.

' It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important'
Shelock Holmes

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