Scottish Semi Dress Sporrans

bespoke scottish sporran made in scotland. Online Highland wear and antique sporrans for sale.

Our range of fine quality Scottish semi dress sporrans are hand made in Scotland. With a combination of fine leathers and furs suitable for any day or semi dress occasion. The price includes a standard chain strap.

Bespoke Sporran Design

We also offer a complete design and make service for sporrans and if you have a sporran you would like made as a special design plesae contact us. We would love to hear from you. We can incorporate a vintage cantle you may own or offer a range of new and vintage cantles.

All the skins used for making our sporrans are ethically sourced, and are vintage remodelled skins and masks, road kill, or have died a natural death. Any protected species will have the required license number stamped in to the back of the sporran..

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