MacKechnie Clan Scottish Bonnet Badge £30

Vintage McKechnie clan badge for sale. Our range of antique and vintage Scottish silver, provincial silver and collectibles make wonderful addition to your Highland wear and Scottish inspired collection. 

We spend time to source antique and vintage gems. From fine Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian Scottish sterling silver flatware, Scottish quaichs, antique Scottish clan prints, snuff mulls and horn porridge spoons from the 1880's - 1950’s. From classic Edinburgh and Glasgow makers including Hamilton & Inches, Robert Allison and Thomas Kerr Ebbutt and provincial Scottish silversmiths William Dunningham, William Robb and Medlock & Craik Inverness.

Scottish MacKechnie Clan 1960 Silver Plated Clan Badge

This is a very difficult clan surname to prove the precise origins, it may be Scottish, it may be Irish, or it could be Gaelic. The Scots regard MacKechnie as a member of the Clan MacDonald, the most numerous and prosperous of Scottish clans. This is quite possible as MacDonald is recorded in a bewildering variety of spellings including McConile in 1571, Mackoneye in 1586 and M'Kconil in 1597 amongst the many wonderful examples of how to spell the name MacDonald!

MacKechnie badge with Scottish MacDonald clan motto ‘ per mare per terras '.

42 mm x 50 mm

With good back pin. 

Vintage, antique and collectible Scottish clan badges insignia from the Highland and Lowland Scottish clans. Including antique Scottish sterling silver and vintage silver plated clan badges.


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