Kay Clan Family 1900’s Silver Glengarry Scottish Chief Crest Badge £30

antique scottish clan badges by mail order scottish antique and vintage clan glengarry badges mail order direct from the house of labhran. We have offer a range of antique and collectible Scottish provincial and sterling silver and vintage Highland wear to complete your outfit or add to your collection. With an eclectic range of antique Scottish silver, plaid brooches.

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The stock range is ever changing with fine vintage sporrans, plaid brooches, and kilt pins to brooches and clan crest badges from the 17th - 20th centuries. Over the years Scottish provincial silver has become very collectable and highly sought after. Scottish town silversmiths seldom sent thier plate to Edinburgh or Glasgow to be assayed and then hallmarked. Instead, they marked the silver with a makers mark or town mark or many combinations of these and other marks. This is what makes Scottish provincial silver so collectable. We pride ourselves in bringing you some of the best of Scotland's craftsmanship from the past. 

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Scottish 1900's Silver Kay Clan Cheif Family Badge

Vintage un hallmarked silver Scottish Kay clan chief and English family Kay of Milshaw Dalton Yorks. glengarry badge with motto ‘ In Deo Solo Sped Mea ‘ In God alone Is My Hope. 

See Fairbairns book of crest 1905

49 mm x   49 mm

Chiefs of Clans

Chiefs have the right to wear their Crests as badges either simpliciter, without the accompaniment of circlet, motto or feathers behind the badge. or, as is more usual, surrounded with a plain circlet inscribed with his Motto or Slogan, NOT a strap-and-buckle which is for clansmen; and, if they choose, with THREE eagle’s feathers in silver behind the circlet.

Vintage, antique and collectible Scottish family crests and clan badges. In antique silver, silver plate and pewter. With worldwide mail order shopping direct from Scotland. 


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